What’s stopping you? Why buy a whole new hub, when all you need is a FP Rotor Mount. Our innovative Rotor Mount attaches easily and securely to your standard non-disc hub, providing an international standard 6-bolt rotor-mounting surface. The result is a lightweight serviceable, cost-effective, and stiffer disc-ready wheel.

The FP Rotor Mounts comes in 3 models:
XC Rotor Mounts: Lightweight designed for cross country enthusiasts.
DH Rotor Mounts: Rugged, heavier design for people that need it.
Special Rotor Mounts: You asked for it and here it is - the Chris King*** compatible rotor mounts.
Fits more than 100 models from 32 manufacturers. Click here to see hub compatibility chart and here for technical specifications.

** Some conditions apply.
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